our strategy

Our strategy is to cultivate and catalyze a kainos community that seeks the flourishing of Lilburn and the transformation of the world. We believe that all of life is worship, and are therefore convinced our discipleship approach must be “all-of-life” oriented. To do this, we envision leading people through a life-on-life missional process that focuses on three areas: being, knowing and doing. We see these pillars as inextricably linked, each containing elements designed to make us mature and equipped followers of Jesus, enabling us to be in right relationship with God, ourselves and all of creation.

Our Vision

To be a multigenerational community intentionally living at the intersection of color, class and culture.

Our Strategy

To cultivate and catalyze a kainos community that seeks Gospel-driven change in Lilburn and the world.

Our Core Values

The Gospel, Community, Diversity, Renewal.
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Our Core Values

Prayer, Family, Generosity, Multiplication.


Being- We are created in the image of God, to experience the love of God, and to be in a right relationship with Him. We believe that everything else flows out of this fundamental position as image bearers of the King. We want to be a people that emphasize being over doing; adoration over achievement; character over competency. We believe that part of “being” means learning to become spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy. Our desire is to see people come to know Jesus and to be transformed in into whole beings that fully trust and fully rest in the love of God.

Knowing- As image bearers, we believe God’s desire is that we would know Him. We want to emphasize that knowing God comes as a result of being with God. We believe God’s word is His primary means of teaching us about Himself, and that we must study Scripture to better understand God’s heart, character and will. We believe that God has uniquely gifted, wired and impassioned all people. We believe that part of helping people to know Him is helping them understand how He’s made them. We believe that knowing God and ourselves allows us to have healthy relationships with others. Our desire is to see people awakened to the knowledge of God and the unique calling of God in their lives.

Doing- As image bearers, we were created to do the work of God. We want to emphasize that doing comes as a result of being with God, knowing God, and knowing ourselves. We believe this work means joining Him in His redemptive mission through evangelism, mercy, justice, service, and local and global missions. We believe this work is relational, that God desires for us to live in community and to build and maintain healthy relationships. We believe this work also means stewarding the physical bodies He’s given us. Finally, we believe this work is vocational, that God wants us to use our gifts for His glory, and to understand the proper relationship between our faith and work. Our desire is to see people mobilized to do the work of God in every area of life.


Our Core Cultures

Prayer- It’s not a ministry, but the ministry. It’s our lifeline, not our safety net. We want to seek God for who He is, not just what He can give. We want to seek God because we love Him, and we want to seek Him to do what only He can do. We desire to be known as a house of prayer.

Family- It’s who we are, not what we do. We are God’s household, not a social club. To be in His family means to be in close relationship with others. We want to join Him in building families and helping them flourish. We desire to be a family of grace where all people are known and accepted.

Generosity- It’s financial and relational. It’s a “both/and,” not an “either/or.” We give because of God’s grace, not because of our guilt. We give cheerfully, generously and sacrificially to see the Kingdom advance and others flourish. We desire to give much, simply because we’ve been given much.

Multiplication- It’s a way of life. It’s intentional and relational, not automatic or programmatic. We believe multiplication happens when leaders pour themselves into the lives of a few. We are convinced multiplication is not just individual but it is also corporate, and therefore believe in the sacrificial pursuit of sending long-term missionaries and planting new churches. Our desire is to intentionally train and multiply cross-cultural leaders. Our dream is plant 5 new churches in our first 10 years of life.